Morning Prayer – A Beautiful Day!

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Morning Prayer - A Beautiful Day!

Come Lord Jesus
Let’s have a beautiful day!
Keep my eyes focused up
Toward your ever flowing cup
Of Your Purest Joy & Love

Thank you for letting me look above
Toward your beaming, smiling Face
Unending Overwhelming Mercy & Grace
Of this, I desperately need
A very large spoonful’s taste!

Help me stay focused off 
The chaotic darkness below
Our wars, pain & greed
Allowing me to clearly perceive 
Your Radiant Perfection’s Glow

A different way & place to live
Is what you always wished to give
Eternity’s paradise, those opened gates
To a much better place
And the overwhelming beauty
Found only on your Holy Face!

Summer Morning Prayer

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Our greenway system is so beautiful that in spots it is almost like being in the middle of the Smokey Mountain National Park and Gatlinburg, but you’re still in the middle of a busy and growing city. Enjoy your day!

Dear Lord, I pray these people may come to know your overwhelming and unconditional love for them not just intellectually, in their minds, but in their guts, their hearts, may they feel it. That they will let you become intimate with them, and they can know that you created the earth with such beauty for them to enjoy and take pleasure in out of your great love for them. Amen

Prayer for a Sunday Morning!

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Come, Lord Jesus, Come
Come, Lord Jesus, Come
I pray you to save
Us, Me from myself
And my dark enemy’s 
Cruelty & destructive ways

Help me to completely 
Let go of this world
My soul & heart to renew
And hold only onto you
Your Light, Your Power, 
Your Wonderful Beauty
And Your Strength to restore me to
Yourself and Your Kingdom!

         Lord Jesus, 
Praise You, Praise You!!

Another Monday Prayer

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 Monday Prayer
 In the middle of my lostness
 Wanderings, dark sleep
 You took the time
        To search
 For this one miniscule
         Lost sheep
 Good Shepherd,
 You are the one who
 Never leaves the one behind
 Thank you for the saving
 Of me; 
 body, soul & mind 

Monday Prayer

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 Monday Prayer
 You own 
 Your world
 You made
 Only You can
 And us
 From ourselves
 So please
 Won’t You
 Come dwell
 Within us,
 So I may see
 Holy Spirit
 As You really are
 Come to know you
 Watch you as you
 Yourself and gifts
 To us
 I need you
 Come walk
 Around inside
 my life
 to end the
 between us
 So it is not I
 But you that
 Lives in me
 Thank you for
 Showing me
 Your way
 So straight
 As You fling
 Open Heaven’s
 Praise You
 Lord Jesus
 Forgive me.
 In your name