Money, Money

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 Money, Money
 Money, money everywhere
 Yet not enough to think with
 My soul might surely drown
 In that deafening sound
 Of the clink, clink, clink 
 Of those hard, cold coins
 As they roll, tumble & sink
 To the bottom of my cup
 From which I’m trying to sup
 I raise this now full cup
 To try and drink
 Cup’s edge at the brink
 Of my own thirsty lips
 Almost overwhelmed
 As all I can smell
 Is the odiferous stink
 Of coin’s metallic toxins
 This deadly metal’s liqueur
 I feel now most sure
 Will kill me
 My thirst t’will not abate
 Nor will it finally slake
 The pounding, roaring lust
 For more, more, more
 For money’s tempting allure
 Is there not some final cure?
 I lust 
 Yet dare not trust
 The swirling deadly liquid 
 So I will not swallow
 The poisons which
 Lie golden in the hollow
 Of My cup
 Yet with all of this said
 I toss & turn on my bed
 In the dark of midnight’s light
 Searching for an answer
 Money is not the cancer
 Itself only an answer
 To life’s most real of needs
 It is that deadly lust
 That will cause the deepest rust
 To my center’s being
 Oh, the hurtful sting
 Of my soul’s new knowledge
 So, I will try fleeing
 Flinging off the desires
 The deadly coins do sire
 In every human heart
 Turn to my inner being
 Wait for Heaven’s lights
 To cause a new way of seeing
 Of myself, yourself, this life 
 And throw off money’s 
 Most paralyzing strifes

First True Renaissance (Recreation)

 First True Renaissance
 After a dark period
 It is told in books
 There was a Renaissance,
 a Recreation,
 Of culture, societies
 Even of Religion
 But I will argue
 It had already occurred
 At an earlier date
 before those books’ words
 Told of it.  On a cross 
 in a small back country,
 An explosion 
 Unseen but felt
 After one 
 insignificant carpenter
 Was crucified 
 Because he testified
 To a new way of life
 Born in blood, 
 sweat & tears
 Why? satan has no peer
 For evil destruction
 His desperation 
 Was showing
 A new world,
 New way of living
 Was ushered in
 For all who would choose
 Their life to lose
 Inside of His
 Built upon a 
 Foundation of the old
 Refined, purified
 Like the rarest of golds
 For the sake of man
 He took our hand
 And led us to 
 His cross
 Meant for all
 Not just a few
 A new earth order
 If you choose
 Of faith, belief
 So on that Day
 And in that way
 His new earth kingdom 
 Change has 
 Time for it 
 To spread
 To all places
 For the good
 Of all faces
 Death defeated
 satan exposed
 for the liar he is
 time for the world
 to know
 it can change,
 Christ says so! 
 Do not have to wait
 For a distant heaven
 New kingdom life
 Is now for the taking
 Now is the time
 for the slaking
 Of our undiminished
 Need for God
 For every man,
 Woman, child
 To take us out of our wild
 Unruly state he found in us
 Return to us His paradise for all
 Please I beg of you,
 do not refuse
 His holy, righteous call! 

Revolutionary’s Sounds

 Revolutionary’s Sounds
 Whirling, twirling
 Swept up into the air
 Revolutionary sounds
 Were everywhere,
 all around
 Ignored they were
 But they were heaven’s cure
 For what was wrong
 Within the songs
 Of man
 For all our evil,
 Corruption unbound,
 Still they refused to see
 What God had pleased
 To send them
 So only a few listened
 To the man on the cross
 Ignoring from his lips
 The purest, shining gloss
 Of a revolution’s sounds
 Bringing words of 
 Great worth
 Love, joy, peace
 To His earth
 Heaven’s purest, pearls
 Our souls He did seek
 And so Christ did die
 On the very rocky ground
 He had created 
 Our God, 
 Alone and bound
 But still left behind
 For those who choose
 The fiery, purest joy of
 His Revolutionary’s Sounds!! 

Not Even in A Blender


 Not Even in A Blender
 Blades whir,
 Solids dissolve
 Large chunks puree
 Into a goo
 Blenders good
 For many things
 In our kitchens
 They do bring
 From many foods 
 Convergence into one
 Unfortunately, in life
 Things are not always so
 Some things cannot,
 Should not mix
 For the welfare of our souls
 The dark and the light
 Will never mix
 Nothing that a blender 
 was ever meant to fix
 Never meant to be
 As oil is to water
 Separate from the
 God’s light will
 Not ever allow
 satan’s dark to stop
 His shining!
 So do not fear
 Shed not too many tears
 There is the one that
 Took our place
 Opened Heaven’s
 Pearly gates
 Christ paved the way
 Saved all our days
 From the whirling,
 swirling blades,
 that chaos of the darkness.