Greenway Companions – Turtle Day!

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Today was Turtle Day! on the greenway where I ride my bike. Normally, you only see the turtles in the water or on rocks sunning at the water’s edge. But today, they were right at the greenway. I caught a tiny, tiny, baby one in the middle of the trail, a large grandfather glaring at me from inside his shell and a medium sized one right at the edge in the grass. I guess they just felt like socializing with us intruders into their territory. I did not dare to pick one up because here in Tennessee we have a lot of snapping turtles so you don’t want a finger close to their mouths.

Just threw in a couple of pictures of some red clover that has come into full bloom just now. Have a great day and Praise God for the beauty and variety of His earth!

Pick up Your. . .

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Pick Up Your. . . 

As children we get told
Pick up your things, your mess
Clean behind yourself
Oh, how our parents we can test
As older we grow

But as we become adults
By someone much wiser than I
From an ancient book of old
We are each & every told
To pick up our cross and Follow Him

Notice. . .
He did not say
Pick up your money
Or your pleasure
Or your lusts for 
Material possessions
He said

Pick up your troubles,
Pain, suffering
And follow me anyway
Try each & every day
Within His footsteps to stay
Christ did not live a life
Of luxury
While here not 
even particularly loved
Except from the Holy Father above
Denied Himself
Became obedient
Even when He was sent
To that tortuous cross!
Counted it all as nothing, all a loss
For us paid a most excruciating cost!

Cannot we do the same
To follow His Glorious name?
To find your life you must lose it
And if you are not willing.  . . ?
Not willing to sacrifice for Him
Then worthy of Him are we not
His words, not mine!

Matthew 10:37–39 Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.
Christ does not mean not to love your family or neighbors, only to put Him first! Praise God for his love, mercy, grace and forgiveness!

The First Calm

The First Calm

It happened under the skies
Of the very first dawn
Rays of light breaking
Placid horizon in yellows,
Pinks and reds
It was the first Calm

A new world, pleasant
To the eyes and soul
Broken out of deep, dark
By ancient words and voices told
In a Holy Book

Life exploded 
Upon a spinning globe
Of dirt, air & water
Animals, man & plants
To each by a loving hand
Did the Creator grant

With Himself, 
The Ones who stirred 
The darkness
Into life
Into something

Desired to associate
With our forms of dust
Only asking for a return
Of love, respect
& our trust

This was the first Calm
This perfected peace
Between all forms of life
And the Creators
Between all of Their creation
& Themselves
There was not a hint, scent
Of strife

Until man, 
Supposedly the highest,
Decided to rebel
And follow the wrong voice
Made the ultimate mistake
Available, the worst choice
And everything fell

Plants, animals, earth
Spun out of the original plan
Subject to terrors
Never meant or intended
By our Creator’s gentlest
Of hands

And so we lost
All of us
Paid a dearest cost
To suffer in pain, 
Showed disdain for the Ones 
Who made us
And so in tears we lived
And lost
The First Calm

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The Light!

This a repeat of a blog I have posted before on my site, but this experience was so dramatic I feel I should share it once again. I know I will never forget it.

For years now, I guess about 7 or 8, I have been wanting to talk about, tell, something that happened to me one night. I have only told family members about it since I’m not very good at standing up and talking in front of people or telling things to people. I guess I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me.

I have sleep apnea. I don’t know if you know what that is, but that’s where when you lay down on your back to sleep the muscles that hold up your soft palette at the back of your throat relax so much that the palette itself collapses downward and completely closes your airway. In other words, you stop breathing. It is dangerous and can kill you. I do not think I could sleep with one of the breathing machines they use so I sleep with the head of my bed raised and try to stay on my sides.

However, one night I went to sleep and somehow must have gotten off my side and into a position that was not safe. I woke up suddenly, fully awake and conscious, and was in a different place.

I remember feeling a slight tinge of fear but was mostly confused, thinking where am I?? All around me was nothing but deep blackness until suddenly I could see this spiral of beautiful, puffy white clouds spiraling off into the distance. I did not want to look at the far distant end of the spiral because I had this sudden knowledge that if I looked at it, there would be no going back. Somehow I just knew that. Don’t know how, but I just did, but I was not given a choice. I had to look at the end of the spiral, and so I did.

Next, let me say that I had no physical sensation at all. I was fully conscious, but there were no physical sensations. I had no awareness of a body.

To get back to where I was, as soon as I looked at the end of the spiral of clouds, I was in the other place, but this one was different. This beautiful, beautiful light was everywhere. It glistened and shone like nothing I have ever seen. But the light was alive. There was an intelligence or presence inside the light. Like nothing I have ever experienced.

It was so bright it almost hurt to look at it and the colors of the rainbow were moving through it constantly. It was so bright that I turned to look away, but again, I was not given a choice. I had to look at the light so I did.

When I turned to look at it again, suddenly it felt like somebody had taken me and thrown me as hard as they could up against a brick wall. There was this really hard boom, and I was back inside my body. Totally awake but back inside of my body going “What just happened to me?”

I laid there for a few minutes, thinking about what I had just seen and experienced. I moved around a little trying to get my bearings back and then decided the only thing it could have been was for a few minutes or less, because it happened so quickly, so very quickly, is I think I died! It is the only explanation I can think of.

I believe for a very few brief seconds, I was allowed to see some of the glory of the Living God. The light was beautiful beyond words. I wish everyone could have seen it. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The only reason I wanted to tell this is I hope it will reassure everyone that there really is life after death, and that God is more beautiful than any of my weak human words could ever express.

I pray that the living God Himself will bless your day and your whole life and that you can get to know Him better. He really does love you profoundly, passionately and completely. God Bless You.

Greenway Walk

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Again, I could not resist taking pictures on my early morning bike ride on our greenway system. I managed to catch a cardinal in flight and a small school of minnows. Hope you all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them. Have a blessed day and Praise God for his kindness in making His earth so beautiful to look at on such beautiful sunny days.