All This Stuff – Why??

All this Stuff – Why?

do we do all this stuff?
Make all this stuff?
Houses, skyscrapers
Cars, planes, trains
Companies, Corporations
On & on our list goes
All done without once asking
If all our multi-tasking
Fits into any of God's plans

We stepped away
From You so madly
To run so many things
So badly
Now corruption seems
Commonplace so sadly

With all these wars,
Of deaths multiple scores
Each & every day
Men, women, children
Why do we not listen 
To ancient words 
So well-written
Of God's forever vision
For all of our lives
As down here
We spend the shortest of times

It all seems such a puzzle
If to His voice
We would just listen
And the heart's 
Best impulses not muzzle
Imagine a world 
Full of such wonders
No foot would ever stumble
Into a dark pain ever again
& His loving, wonderful presence
We would forever win!!

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