The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Choices, choices
Come every day
From here and there
In close and further ways
Some on us are forced
But in a lot
We hold complete sway
Over our own choice

Small ones, large ones
But there is none more massive
Or more important
One in which we cannot
Remain at all just passive
The one that determines 
Where our forever will be spent

For every person, every soul
On this revolving planet
This is a proving, testing ground
Your own choice for your forever
God will most surely grant it

He gives free will
Does not force His ways upon you
Most miraculously of all, 
He will let you choose
To live with Him forever
In His stress-free perfected home
Or let you in a pain-filled, cold
And tortured darkness
Always and forever roam

So, you see, 
Will you take this opportunity
To choose your own eternity
Today, tomorrow, the next day,
All these each are now your chance
You are allowed to make your own fate
Of pain without His face forever
Or between His shining pearly gates 
In joy at last to enter His love’s eternal dance!

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