When Was the Last Time?

When is the Last Time

On Sunday mornings
People walk thru doors
Take a seat 
Hoping I suppose
To be reached
Or hear someone teach

The Good News
What is that you say,
That Jesus loves you?
For that is the truth
To be sure
He is the absolute cure
For all the world’s 
Deepest problems

But when is the last time
You really looked at 
Your God
Only an hour or more
On a Sunday morning
In a building
Does not really accomplish
the chore
Of getting to know 
Your one & only God

Spend time with Him
In His intended Word
You will not be disappointed
Step outside at night
Away from city’s lights
Peruse the darkened skies
And see God’s glory

Billions, even trillions
Of uncountable stars
Scream out His Name
It’s been the same,
All nature tells of his
Within this & every hour
Of this planet’s existence

So take the time
To get to know Him
He is waiting, knocking even
To share all of His great
With Just You!

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Don’t just waste my time
And yours
Please I adjure
I desperately need the truth
For of my life 
That will be its root 

Rebuke my sin
How else will I 
Be allowed to win
I need sound advice
From you pastors
Of today

I don’t want for you
To entertain me
Make me happy
I need to learn how
To be holy
For clearly
That is the only way
That I may be saved
From hell

You have been given 
The world’s greatest opportunity
You’ve been given the
Chance to help others see
The living Christ
Before they die
Without a second chance to try
And follow Him

For after death 
There are no more second chances
So tell us the whole truth
Of Christ
Before we die
Don’t water it down
Sugar coat it
For I seek a golden crown
Only He can give!

Even the Demons

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com
Even the Demons

People do go to church
Walk thru a door
Choose a seat
Stay awhile
Turn & smile
Say they believe

But rituals alone
Do not change a heart
May or may not help
You grow
Closer, more intimate,
To your Creator

So only saying you believe
Will not save your soul
Just to believe is only
The first part of the goal
Because even

Demons believe & tremble
They just chose the wrong side
Do not follow their guide

God is after the Human Heart
So He may start 
To transform you
Into His Son, 
A co-heir with Him
So you may win,
The darkness
Enter His light,
A forever Paradise!!

What IS Courage?

What IS Courage

On a hill He created
With His hands
On a feckless day
& by the very clay
He had formed
Stripped bare,
He was crucified
That WAS courage

Left a golden throne
Of glory
To continue His story
Of calling us back home
Nevermore in
Satan’s darkness
To roam
That TOOK courage

On that crucial night
In history
For us, our destiny,
Was changed forever
Followers all 
They left their call
Abandoned him
To that hill
Standing still
That was NOT courage

But the story was
As He arose out of
An empty grave
They rejoiced on that day
To follow His name
Most of the 12 were martyred
Terrible painful deaths
Suffered so obedience
They could claim
That IS courage!

Today there is no difference
So in holy reverence
For one so holy & pure
Who came only to reassure
Of God’s love, mercy
Let us stand up
His name bless
Even if we have to suffer
Perhaps even death
That WILL BE our Courage!!

Culture, Culture

Culture, Culture

Culture, culture
Ringing in my ear
It’s sometimes on a day
All I can hear
Floating through the air
On radio waves
Forcing into my mind
Everything it intends to say

TV, movies, books even
It intrudes its way in
Trying to please
The lower side of me
But by grace, I have been allowed to see
Vanity, vanity, all its vanity

So I shake my head
Loosen its hold
Coiled around my mind
Step out of the endless line
Of those being controlled 
Selling out their very souls
To a world in love
With only its Self

Instead loosen that self 
To fall in love with
Someone else
A greater God awaits
Holding out hands
To raise you up, to abate
All the noise of a lost,
Sad, desperate world

To rejoin you to himself
He paid in His own Blood!
So do not let the noisy flood
Of a lost culture
Destroy your Joy-filled Hope
Of an eternal paradise insured
Thru faith in our Christ’s cross!!