Me on a Cross

 Me on A Cross?
 I see a lifeless form
 On a wooden beam
 It groans
 Mouthing a bloody foam
 Another useless dream
 Or message to be seen?
 Maybe both
 Dream and message
 It raises its head
 Showing sweat &
 Tears it has shed
 Staring into the sky
 It carries the face of I!
 It is me,
 Me on that cross
 I am where we all
 Surely would be
 If not for the other face
 That took my place,
 Jesus of Nazareth! 
 Sinner, rebel, 
 Against a one true
 God & Father
 I deserved that cross
 Perhaps in celestial eyes
 Only another piece 
 of human dross.
 In pain,
 As I cursed His name
 Jesus, son of God
 Tore my flesh from
 The nails
 Put himself there
 To complete Heaven’s
 Most loving job
 Christ took my place
 That place which belongs
 To each & all
 Wicked rebellors
 Against our Father
 Now we sing a new song
 Of Christ’s love
 God’s forgiveness,
 From a worn-out
 Worldly kingdom
 Captives to sin
 Set free by his death
 Breathed upon by a fresh breath
 Of life’s new resurrection!


 Let Go!
 Let go of 
 Who culture
 Says you should be
 There is a better
 Way to know,
 To see
 Do not restrict,
 Within the same 
 Old line
 Of a world without
 A mind
 His Spirit 
 Wishes to indwell
 The form, heart
 Of your physical shell
 Live and Be
 God’s Holy Temple! 

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Comfortable Christianity?

  Comfortable Christianity?
 (No Way)
 Comfort, convenience,
 Ah, luxury!
 Who would not want this
 It is a pleasant list
 Surely most or all would agree
 Nothing wrong with having
 A few nice things
 These words with a certain truth
 Do ring
 But. . . 
 Do not let them be
 Your gods
 Here is where we must stop
 Do not let the blessings
 Come first before the 
 Great Blessor
 Christianity is not
 For the faint of heart
 It has been that way
 From its start
 A gloriously beautiful Son
 In poverty His life was begun
 A horrific, tortured death
 Was all which He was left
 If it did not love Him
 It will not love us
 For this we must prepare
 & give Him all our trust
 To see us thru to our end
 Sacrifice, pain may follow
 We may lose every friend
 But Christ sees our struggles
 A glorious reward is promised
 If we follow thru each dark vale
 Spoken of in a Holy Book
 Which only truth does tell!

John 15:20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. NIV

II Timothy 3:12 Indeed all who desire to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. NIV

John 7:7 The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that its works are evil. NIV

The March

The March

March, March, March

Marching thru life

We will all go on

Restless and in strife

Without the truth of

Reality’s sight

People on a sidewalk’s

Hardened concrete surface

March through existence

And only death’s curse

And its unending insistence

Will finally end their march

If we only will open our eyes

Peruse what lies beyond

That thinnest veil of the skies

Look up, a loving God waits

Longing, sighing wishing

Your unhappy pain to abate

Do not stay lost

Lonely in that pain

Look up

Let Him call your name

Take that tiniest first step

Eternity’s most splendid pleasures

Wait to be your greatest gain!



Jeremiah, Jeremiah

With your prophet’s heart on fire

In our city’s streets

You’re crying

Hands raised

Pleading as you’re


You are trying to inspire

With the Spirit’s holy flame

Dark, hardened hearts

The Post-modernist’s only

Claim to fame

Return to me, I’ll

Return to you

our God says

Elohim, Creator

Holding out hands

Your eternal Father

Crystal tears He sheds

As we toss & turn on beds

Deep in sweaty pain

Caused by sin, illicit gain

Greed’s ugliest names

Only ourselves to blame

Worshipping things

That we have made

With restless hands

We reach for our graves

Affirming our own verdict

A terrible day is coming

Oh, there will be a mighty burning

Heaven, earth

Gone with a thunderous roar

Souls with anguish will be torn

Knowing their last chance

Forever is no more

In life their hearts they



refused their pardon

To follow a loving Father’s

Path for life

Chose their own way

Depravity’s lusts

Into His hands

They would not trust

Their only souls

So now the bell does toll

The old world’s ways

Are forever sold

Into oblivion’s

Darkest pit

So, please listen,

As the prophet calls

Heed the warnings clearly told

In a Holy Book of old

Save yourself


Someone else!!

Free Will!

Free Will

Given a choice

Never will He force

Desiring for a place

Inside your heart

Holding all the power

Yet longing for the hour

You will choose

His embrace

Owning every heartbeat

but never will He leave

Anyone behind

Yearning for His Face

So, make the right choice

Listen to the voice

That leads to eternity’s

Truest joy and

Christ’s Glorious, Glowing Life!

Light in the Darkness

I know people do not particularly like to hear about supernatural experiences with God, but I tell this only hoping to reinforce your faith in a living, breathing God. This happened to me right before my first round of cancer treatments.

I have obstructive sleep apnea. It’s where your soft palette in your throat collapses down over your airway, and you stop breathing while you are asleep. Before I knew how dangerous it can be, I think I stopped breathing, and my heart stopped because all of a sudden one night after going to sleep, I was suddenly awake, fully conscious and in a very dark place. I had no physical sensations at all. All I could see was a spiral of really beautiful white clouds trailing off into the distance.

I did not want to look at the end of the spiral because the sensation came over me that if I looked at the end of it there would be no going back, but I had no choice. I had to look at the end.

I looked and that’s when it happened. Immediately, I was in the presence of the light. It was everywhere, and it was overwhelming and brilliantly bright. The colors of the rainbow were moving back and forth constantly through it. I could sense a presence, an intelligence, a someone in or behind the light but I could not see them. I tried to look away because it was so bright, but again I had no choice. I had to look at the light so I turned back toward it.

That’s when it felt like someone slammed me up against a brick wall, and with a sudden hard jolt I was back inside my body and back on my bed trying to figure out what had just happened to me.

I believe my heart stopped, and for a minute or two I died and was given a brief glimpse of God’s glory before He slammed me back into my body. We are promised a glorious resurrection life if we stay faithful to Christ our Lord. I hope this will help you in your faith walk. Praise God and have a blessed day!

Battleground #2


Darkness chases me

From an ancient enemy

Hot breath behind

On my neck

Running I scream

For someone to protect

My heart

I labor, I pant, I moan

Pain, terror fills the air

Eyes closed from fear

I crash into your chest

You stroke my hair

Embrace, folding me

Into the gentle nest

Of your heart

Your light explodes

Filling my orphan’s world

Making up for my lacks

Of home, family

Giving me yourself,

Lord Christ,

And our joyful ecstasy!

A Creeping

A Creeping

(a prayer)

Sadness creeps in

Between the cracks

Of my Darkened heart

That I wear

Holding on to

Every care

Help me, Holy Spirit

To let go

So old memories

May no longer hold

Their black power

Thank you for appearing

Willing to come nearer

To this world’s & my pain

Trying to teach me

The strength within your name

Of Glory, Majesty, power

Over heaven and hell

Urging me to tell

Your nearness to me

For a spell

Of Your Beauty’s angels,

Darkness’s demons,

Your blinding Light

Help me to do it right

To spread your goodness

To a world so dreadfully,

Desperately, in need of

Your Love’s Passion

And Perfectly Pure Might!!