Only You

Only You

Only you can lift 
Out of the deepest, slimiest
Pit of despair
The broken human soul
Crushed, shattered,
Reeling, staggering
From the effects
The price, the toll
That wretched darkness extracts

Oh, he is good, that
Enemy of mine
Hounding me thru
All of my time
But you sit enthroned
Ensconced in your power
And your name
Destroying his sordid game

That prince of the air
That satan
Breathing his hot breath
In my face
From birth even unto today
But you remove 
Of his evil every trace

Winning me to yourself
My pain you do embrace
My spirit you lift up 
Until I can say
With joy you have filled my cup!

So come, Lord Jesus,
Do it again
As you did back then!!

Wait Patiently!

Wait Patiently

It will come
That Holy Son
Will return
So today of all days
do not spurn
His loving kindness

Even as we wait
He holds open
Golden gates
To life, joy peace
They will of course
For later keep
But should we not seek
Them even now?

We are meant 
& are being sent
From heaven’s royal thrones
To gather all those dry bones
Back to life

Awake, arise church, awake!
For all our sakes
Go forward
Lead this land
Back toward 
Those nail-scarred hands
His paradise awaits
For this is the truest of all fates!!

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Not Okay

Not Okay

War is not okay
Rape is not okay
Child abuse is not okay
Poverty is not okay
Neither is the extreme greed
That seems to fuel & feed
The wealthier countries
The world is not now okay,
God never meant for it
To ever be this way!!

As we close our eyes
Stare vacantly toward the sky
& ignore the surrounding 
Abnormal pain
Have we become so 
Senseless, brain dead
We accept this world as normal?
Or shouldn’t we instead
Be a part of its re-creation?

We were never meant
ourselves to tear & rend
Into many small pieces
We were meant to 
Live as God’s friend
In His perfected paradise
In love with HIM  
& each other

Instead we choose
Against HIM to rebel
Oh, how I wish this
Evil inside ourselves
We could banish, quell!
We have lived like this
For so long
I am not sure we can 
Any longer even see
what is wrong

But there is hope
For on a happier day
For those who have
Chosen to follow CHRIST'S way
God’s power & might
Will triumph, have sway
Once again the world
Will be perfected
All pain will disappear!!


(on a busy sidewalk)

a busy city sidewalk
elbow to elbow
on every face is
pressure mounting
higher, higher

streets full of cars
jostling for position
under each red light
this caravan of busy
reaching out of sight
noisy cacophony of 
impatient horns

But yet, into
This man-made
Mess of madness
A sense of peace,
True Destiny,
Walks with us
Side by side
On each busy street
& sidewalk

Unseen, but not
He walks 
In His royal robe
Searching, looking
Passing by
Among us
Longing to touch
Each heart
Desiring to give
Reveal, impart
A better life
Temporarily out of
But sensed

In that small breeze
That touches 
Your skin
Ruffles the edges
Of your heart
Look up 
New life begins
At the edge of
The old

As your King
Walks past
In the crowd
Let him win
Without any doubt
Without a sound
Or shout
He will give to you
More than a busy
Sidewalk’s chaos
Let him come, refresh
As only Christ can do
& give to you 
A better life anew!

Set Apart

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 Set Apart
 We were meant
 To be set apart
 I believe this
 Deeply in my heart
 Different we
 Should strive
 to be
 So all the world 
 May see
 Our Leader
 His purity
 To this we 
Should run
 As we struggle 
 To shun
 The world
 Sure, we have 
 To live in it
 Love it for sure
 We are not to
 Be of it
 We’re meant
 To live
 In a way much 
 More pure
 Not as greedy,
 Sexually immoral,
 These things
 We should
 Not be 
 His holy love
 More giving
 The world
 In Us 
 Should see
 A Holy Bride
 He longs for us
to be
 As we wait on
 Bended knees
 Longing to please
 Only Him
 Let us win
 This race
 As we let go
 Of every trace
 Of ourselves
 Let us dare
 To be different
 Stand out
 Give a holy shout
 Christ’s Name
 It is the same
 Yesterday, Today
 For His return will
 All death, pain,
 & every sorrow


 It still amazes me, Lord
 That even yet today
 You want to share
 Your Goodness with me
 My imperfections are almost
 As numerous & vast
 As the span of one of 
 Your seas
 I stumble, I fall
 I walk then I crawl
 Down here I never 
 Quite pull it all
 Yet Someday I know
 Yourself you will show
 To each, to every & all
 I will live to display,
 on that Heaven’s Perfected Day
 Only Your Shining Glory
 My imperfections will be
 Forever washed, wiped
 Completely Away! 

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