Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple

Plain & simple
Words on a page
Without faith in 
That red blood of Christ
All condemned to
a darkened hell
No great mystery
This is the truth
For any to understand, to tell

From a book of truth
God warns
At times
Even at us storms
Using examples from
The world’s past
Trying to convince us
Before like a stone
We could be thrown
Into that dark hole

Greater forces
Gather gentlest voices
Trying to win, cajole
Our Savior, Christ,
God, our Creator/Father
Holy Spirit urging
From words in His sacred scroll
Loving, to also console
For His greatest goal
Is to win back each soul
Intact, in whole
Back into His Loving Arms!



We hear this word 
Thrown around so much
Almost as if it contains
Some type of 
Golden Midas touch

You must include this
You must include that
Please excuse if I seem remiss
But I do not think inclusion of 
All or just the many was
Ever meant to bring us 
True bliss

Love is not inclusive
Of everything
Even God's perfect love
Is not inclusive of all things
Sometimes our behavior 
With His purity does not harmonize
Or always ring

He wishes to transform us 
Into His Son's image
So upon our behaviors
He must place certain limits
Wishing for us only the best

So remember the next time
Someone insists you be inclusive
With flying colors will you
Pass the great test
Use God's words, His wishes
Deciding what to include or reject!



A great army gathers
A trumpet blast will scatter
All tranquility
At its head, Your Holy Son
No enemy carries the ability
From this One to run

Each warrior is armed, braced
Swords, shields in place
Powerful & determined
Your battle plans, Lord Jesus
In Your book so holy
The words clearly do confirm and
Set forth!

So, beloved, while you
Still have a chance
As around this world, your life
You take a glance
Make sure you make the 
Best choice
For to be on the right side
Of the sword
In your now, you must listen
To Christ’s voice!!

A Part Of. . . .

A Part Of

Like I was created to be
A part of your great group
Your Holy Trinity!
A smaller part
As I bend down
Worship at your knees

A gift to be like You 
Should that not
My worldly values askew?
A world out of balance
So out of its mind
Tumbling along on a very thin line

Not even your angels
Did You die for
Over us Your Spirit’s healing
Did You wish to pour
To enable, re-birth
Through all the light
& darkness of this universe,
Along its massive girth

No one thing and no one else
Did You create to reflect
The goodness of Yourself
Only us!
Thank you, Dear Lord
In You only 
May I completely trust!

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Choices, choices
Come every day
From here and there
In close and further ways
Some on us are forced
But in a lot
We hold complete sway
Over our own choice

Small ones, large ones
But there is none more massive
Or more important
One in which we cannot
Remain at all just passive
The one that determines 
Where our forever will be spent

For every person, every soul
On this revolving planet
This is a proving, testing ground
Your own choice for your forever
God will most surely grant it

He gives free will
Does not force His ways upon you
Most miraculously of all, 
He will let you choose
To live with Him forever
In His stress-free perfected home
Or let you in a pain-filled, cold
And tortured darkness
Always and forever roam

So, you see, 
Will you take this opportunity
To choose your own eternity
Today, tomorrow, the next day,
All these each are now your chance
You are allowed to make your own fate
Of pain without His face forever
Or between His shining pearly gates 
In joy at last to enter His love’s eternal dance!

What’s Happening?

What’s Happened?

What's happened to that fire?
That roaring, scorching roar
A fire so strong 
Those rising flames
Redemption at its core

Today it sounds a whimper
That fire now burns much dimmer
Than in days of long ago
Did it seem then any simpler?

then as is now
Christ never tried to 
Simply please the crowds
Instead of praise
He only earned
A darkened funeral shroud

On a fateful Pentecost
A Spirit's fire was loosed
Bright, burning above their heads
Seen as to more clearly teach
Their God's eternal truths

So let's catch hold
Revive, rejuvenate those flames
Boldly denounce all worldly shames
So we may free ourselves & others
From satan's violent chains