Climbing these marble steps
 Approaching your throne
 Is like coming to the edge
 Of a deadly, roaring fire
 Yet, like the moth
 Myself I cannot stop
 Ecstasy, bliss to be consumed
 Within your fire!
 The energy your put forth
 It has eternal worth
 Heaven’s very light
 Shining rich & bright
 Your Fire!
 Too close & I will die
 But again, I long, I sigh
 To live within its flames! 

Eze 1:27: from his waist up he looked like glowing metal as if full of fire and that from there down he looked like fire;. . brilliant light surrounded him.

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Smear Campaign

 Smear Campaign
 A smear campaign,
 A dark, thick smoky
 From eons ago
 From the beginning
 Hoping it would be 
 Against Heaven’s 
 Against the Holy
 At first this cloud
 Merely a slight stench
 There is a mighty
 Fist clenched
 Around the throats
 Of man
 An evil hand
 Works against the sons,
 Daughters of man
 Grown stronger
 Only because we
 Have lingered
 To listen to its voice
 At its gates longer
 Than we should
 Telling us we 
 Are only physical
 Only the natural
 This naturalism
 Fighting to form
 A schism
 Between man
 And His Creator
 It’s goal 
 Is to destroy
 All efforts
 To acknowledge
 Man has
 a soul
 Eternal, unending
 To Smear, slander
 God’s holy family
 Point out its flaws
 Of which it has many
 Still under Christ’s hand
 It struggles forward
 At His command
 To love His world
 So the great destroyer
 Uses our vices, 
 To draw man in
 To this ancient battle
 satan knows
 he cannot win
 destroy everything
 a worldwide campaign
 in a sense
 using our worldly
 those great two
 Money, Power
 as the world
 spins toward
 a darker hour
 powers that be
 are blinded
 cannot see
 they are being used
 & very abused
 to try to bring about 
 a kingdom’s 
 As I glance upward
 To the skies
 Using our greatest weapon
 A prayer begins
 Within my heart I cry
 As the battle around me

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Praise God!

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Psalm 150

Praise the Lord

Praise God in His sanctuary
praise Him in His mighty 
Praise Him for His 
acts of power
praise Him for His surpassing
praise Him with the sounding of
the trumpet
praise Him with the harp and
praise Him with timbrel and dancing
praise Him with the strings 
and pipe
praise Him with the clash of cymbals
praise Him with resounding

Let everything that has breath
praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

I just thought this was good way to start off the day after Christmas Day. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, that everyone stayed safe. May God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit bless and guide your day today.

First True Renaissance (Recreation)

 First True Renaissance
 After a dark period
 It is told in books
 There was a Renaissance,
 a Recreation,
 Of culture, societies
 Even of Religion
 But I will argue
 It had already occurred
 At an earlier date
 before those books’ words
 Told of it.  On a cross 
 in a small back country,
 An explosion 
 Unseen but felt
 After one 
 insignificant carpenter
 Was crucified 
 Because he testified
 To a new way of life
 Born in blood, 
 sweat & tears
 Why? satan has no peer
 For evil destruction
 His desperation 
 Was showing
 A new world,
 New way of living
 Was ushered in
 For all who would choose
 Their life to lose
 Inside of His
 Built upon a 
 Foundation of the old
 Refined, purified
 Like the rarest of golds
 For the sake of man
 He took our hand
 And led us to 
 His cross
 Meant for all
 Not just a few
 A new earth order
 If you choose
 Of faith, belief
 So on that Day
 And in that way
 His new earth kingdom 
 Change has 
 Time for it 
 To spread
 To all places
 For the good
 Of all faces
 Death defeated
 satan exposed
 for the liar he is
 time for the world
 to know
 it can change,
 Christ says so! 
 Do not have to wait
 For a distant heaven
 New kingdom life
 Is now for the taking
 Now is the time
 for the slaking
 Of our undiminished
 Need for God
 For every man,
 Woman, child
 To take us out of our wild
 Unruly state he found in us
 Return to us His paradise for all
 Please I beg of you,
 do not refuse
 His holy, righteous call!