Not a Bad Way to Start the Day

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Just wanted to show all the lush greenness along our walking greenway for one last time before it starts to fade. One of our neighbors on the greenway has a beautiful backyard with a pond which has a huge water fountain in the middle. Looking at all that natural beauty so early in the morning is not a bad way to start my day. However, it is getting drier here, and fall is starting so some of the plants are just beginning to wilt and leaves turn brown. I complain about the heat but then miss it when the winter’s cold hits. I hope everyone has a good day and Praise God for His goodness!

Reach for the Deep

Reach for the Deep
(not the shallows)

Inside each soul
Lie such uncharted depths
Sometimes still
Sometimes they flow
Quickly, rapidly
But nevertheless
Permanently present

Reach for those depths
Waiting to be known
Desiring, needing
to be filled
That burning hunger
Unfulfilled, unsatiated
Except by life’s truths

Raise your eyes
Toward heavenly skies
Answers can be shown
Just waiting to flow, 
Covering each, every
Truly seeking heart
Deeper levels to life
Can and will start
Only God can fill
Your empty depths!


KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I managed to get a couple of shots of the beautiful, white crepe myrtles before the heavy rain knocked off their blooms. Hope you enjoy. Below is a poem for Saturday.


Gleaming, dazzling
As the sun blazes
Giving out life
Yet even brighter
Your precious face

Without boundaries
Knowing no limits
Your Love lifts each
& All
Upward to share in
The glory of life
Originally intended

Oh, Lord Jesus
Send your glorious
Pure White Love,
Eternity’s Purity, 
My way, each & 
Every day
Offset satan’s darkness
We wait with eager hearts
For your glorious return!!

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Praise God and have a great day!

Peace & Quiet

Wild Lillies KODAK Digital Still Camera
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KODAK Digital Still Camera

We got a break in the rain today so I pulled out the old bicycle and did my usual ride on our greenway system. Today was different in that there were fewer people out because it was still cloudy and looked like it might rain at any second, but the ride was worth the risk. It was nice to not have the sun out. It made it so much cooler even though, as it usually is here in the southern United States, the humidity was very high. It makes the air feel sometimes like walking around in a warm, thick blanket you wish you could get rid of but unfortunately cannot.

Most of our regular walkers must have stayed in because of the rain threat so for most of my ride I had the greenway pretty much to myself. It was very relaxing, and I shared the morning with mostly a few stately old trees and wildflowers still clinging on through to the end of August. It was very peaceful and quiet. Nature’s beauty can have a calming effect if you will allow it to. Thank You and Praise You, God, for making the world so beautiful just for our pleasure! Below is a quick poem that came in the middle of my bike ride. Have a blessed day!!

Nature will talk 
If you will take the time
To listen
Allow yourself a walk
Among the unspoken words
She's anxious to say
Always attempting
To improve your day!

The Fortress

The Fortress

My fortress is 'YOUR JOY
Behind its stone thick walls
I rejoice
Raise hands & feet
To dance 
From You, one loving glance
Incites a mad frenzy of worship

At your feet ancient angels
Take delight
In your power, beauty
The endless, eternal 
Unlimited, uncountable

Flow forth for every man
From your overfilled hands
For those who choose
& refuse
To follow satan’s dark rebellion
In a story of so many tellings
he lost forever Paradise
Lives now only in cruel anger
& lies!

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