Is it Not?



Is it Not?

Is it not
To be read
A writer writes
Formed words
From thoughts
Within one’ head
Or heart

Others may read
Writers, I, must
Take great care
Walking in line
With you, Lord
Of this I have to
Stay aware

But still there
Is a joy
To express
This God may
But be careful.
In this can be
Great power

From a Spirit
So Ancient & Holy
Every moment
In His Heart
His Creation
Loving us
Completely & purely.




Jasmine, Lilac
Honeysuckle in
Full bloom
Scents of earth
Created by You
Bringing Your Face
Into a closer view

And so, this
Scent of your
Glory, Beauty
Follows, surrounds
Your Presence

Evidence of this
On Moses’ face
Descending from
The mountain
bearing the mark
Of your Holy Grace

It took a veil
to hide
This Perfume, Glory
That resides,
Surrounds each step
& at Your side

Today let us remove
The veil
Look fully on Your
with deeper longing
Into this cloud

Of your perfume
Sweet scent of
Your Very Self
As we achingly await
To pass through
heaven’s gates
Enveloped by
Your love,
& alive again
in your embrace.

Petulant Child



Petulant Child

Petulant child
Under the fair
Shading tree
Everything you see
is perfect

a freshly created
pure, untouched
harmony, peace
for now, no other
way is seen

you live
you glide
your companion
at your side
in joy

all needs are
abundance of all,
food, love,
not touched by
any dark corruption

blithely you live
moment to moment
unaware of peril,
until one day
a very dark stranger

This perfect Paradise
Created by your
Intended by Him
To be

The stranger smiles
Oh, he is clever
He knows how to beguile

He comes to you
Shaking your head
At first you refuse
Until he says,
Be like the Father

Novel idea
Unthought before
Could this be possible?
But inner darkness lies at
its core

you acquiesce
nod your head
Receiving the fruit
One bite won’t hurt
You guess

But this stranger
Has the heart of a brute,
A monster
And that bright fruit
Was never intended
For your lips

Living further down the
Road of time
We shake our heads
& wish,
What you had, perhaps
Unknown to you
Was the already sublime

It you had just not,
Turned your head
And refused to listen
This fair world
Would still glisten
With perfection.
Where was your, Our




Not I,
I say
Rue the day
I bend my knee

To anyone
Or any god
Yet this is
For sure
What some have done

My house, my car
Oh, don’t forget my boat
My money, my wealth
But I mustn’t overly gloat

I stand complete
In and of myself
Isn’t this self-indulgence
Why most attempt to
accumulate great wealth?

The self, myself, yourself
I repeat I will bend the knee
To no one but myself
I wish to run my own life
But could that be
the why
For so much strife?

We all want the same
What each myself desires
But could this self-seeking
Be what Seems
to light the fires

Of so much pain
Each wanting to be
His own god
Live life his own way
With no one greater than man
To have the final say

What can be the answer
To save a world so lost
In pleasure seeking pain
which refuses at any cost
To seek God’s Face

Mercy, love and Grace
His plan was perfect
Until we rebelled
So up until now
Nothing seems to quell

The pain of our endless
Rebellious seeking
for our own way
So we spin and spin
On a world
Where perfect love,
joy are no longer
Allowed to sing

Of His Name, His Power
His perfect plan
All meant to give a
Forever Paradise
To his creation of man

God’s wisdom knows the way
For us to live,
But the price exacted
for true satisfaction
will always be
and forever involve
bending the knee


His Power Over Hell

According to my adoption records I was a sensitive child. I once had an elder of a church say he thought I was a spiritually sensitive person. I know it has been a blessing in my life. I know in this world, especially in our very wealthy, money oriented culture that is so in love with ourselves, money, possessions, and pleasure, we have a tendency to deny or neglect the spiritual aspects of our lives. We are truly spirits only temporarily connected to our physical shell.

I have had several supernatural experiences, and what I guess I’m trying to lead up to is I have had three encounters with demons, very dark creatures.

The first happened many years ago when I was going through a very dark time in my life but trying to draw closer to Christ and God and the Holy Spirit. I woke up one night and a dark mass felt like it was laying on my chest. I was afraid and all I could think to do was say “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” It immediately was gone, left.

The second encounter was when I was on my first round of chemotherapy for my breast cancer. I was sleeping in an old recliner and suddenly woke up. I looked down and this dark person was laying on top of me. It looked up at me, smiled a perverted smile and asked, “Susie, what are you trying to do with this book.” I naturally was frightened but again said, “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” Within a heartbeat, it was gone. I was at the time working on a novel which I have finished which was about the useless divisions within our Christian churches or denominations we have created.

The third experience came about a year ago. I am still suffering fatigue from all the cancer treatments. One night I was awake, and a very dark man was in the room with me suddenly. I said, “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” He said to me, “No, it doesn’t work that way.” I immediately yelled for a second time, “Oh yes, it does. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” And he disappeared instantaneously.

Praise you Lord Jesus for the beauty of your face, your great and loving heart and also for your wonderful power and authority over everything in creation. Bless you Lord!! Thank you for your salvation from all of Satan’s schemes against us.





Deny, deny
I turn my back
Then sigh
Wondering why
I am so

On the bed
At night
Toss and turn
I cry
If you are real
Within your face
Light up the sky!

But nothing
There is not a trace
Of anything or
Any One

So I turn back
To the screen
Of my TV
Or the phone
Things I know
I sit alone

Harden the
Feel nothing
Develop the art
Of pleasure

Just one more fix
This pain will
Seek one more
Maybe it will last
This time

So I rush,
On this world
Fix your eyes
On this strange
Green Pearl

Bigger house,
Fancier car,
Is this by far
The best I can do
Or is there really

Endless cycles
They repeat
As I keep
On searching
For that which
Will meet

My greatest
Deepest need
Maybe one more
Piece of food,
Drink, house,

Rushing, seeking,
I perpetuate
This Empty pain
But I refuse to cry out
Your Name
So again, I sigh
And again your
Name I deny.

Matthew 10:33 …whoever denies me before men, I will deny before my Father who is in heaven.