Before all time and space
There was a glorious face
Full of only grace
Love for all He surveyed
Having always the last say
Over everything

His goodness, beauty 
So overwhelming
So always flowing
Over and upward welling
He wished to share it
With others

So the Three got together
Made planets spin
Stars shine
But decided they had rather
Make some someones

A planetary home was made
The darkest of night 
Became a day
Animals, all creatures 
Brought into His sight
His allowed His man to stand upright

He felt such joy
In this glorious child
He had truly let
His imagination run wild
Crowned us at last
With one glorious smile!

Shout for joy
All the earth
At the glory 
Of this first birth
But never fear,
He will remove
For a second time all tears

As once again,
The battle against 
Darkness He will win
Return us,
Back home
If we choose
Remember God will
Never ever lose!!

The Trust

The Trust

Cancer 2 times has
Called my name
Life for me does 
Not feel just the same

My time down here
Grows more limited
It may not even much
Longer be extended

What awaits for me
Is held within a Trust
In greater hands than mine
Transcending the restrictive
Limits of our sense of time

From this Trust
In my daily borrows 
Therein lies Christ’s strength
To overcome all pain & sorrows
Never was I meant to live
In cruel poverty
But to receive the resources
In His Kingship’s sovereignty!

Praise You, Lord Jesus!

Although the use of 
This Trust
May come with a few
Conditions or regulations
Never meant to be shunned
Were His love’s guidelines

To enjoy the pleasures 
That await
As you are allowed to enter
Between Heaven’s 
Welcoming gates
With each step’s forward thrust
Open wide your arms to receive
The lavish riches of this,
His Glorious Trust!

The Already Am

I Already Am
The Already Am

No more struggling
To Be
I already Am
Within your loving arms
To live was always your 
Infinity’s Plan

So come,
Lord Jesus,
Take control
Live in my spirit’s soul
May You over 
My rebellious heart
Win an absolute hold!

Throw away
My darkness
So may more clearly shine
As I am allowed to rejoice
Even from this great distance
At the Beauty found

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So Forget!

So Forget!

A world barges in
Rude & loud, using force
Seeking its own way
To get me off my course
From you, Lord Christ

On I must struggle
To stay away
From seeking its
Loud, belligerent way
listen to your gentle voice

So, F O R G E T
Your large house
Your sleek, ramblings cars
Persistent pleasure seeking
In Him only
Am I believing!
Toward His cross
Am I retreating!
Toward a better life
& a Living Son’s Paradise!!!

Testify, Testify

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Testify, Testify

Speak in whom you believe
Don’t be afraid to let
The whole world see
Show your faith
Break open those silent gates
& Testify

Life is not about
Philosophy or religion
But a Someone
A one and only Son
Salvation came 
Only because He gave
His Life

We are a creation
Made in Someone’s image
To be a smaller imitation
Of His Greatness’ reality
A goodness, love,
Righteous purity

So, let go
Let the words flow
Speak their names
Christ, Yahweh,
Rejoice you are allowed to say
Ring out the words
About whom you believe!

If I Were You

If I Were You

When you mess with me
You mess with Him
Because I belong to Him
I am
His precious child
His beloved
Pure & holy
At least in His eyes
If I were you
I would leave me alone!

He will leave no stone
To save me, redeem me
Protect me
Even though you think 
Destroyed I may be
Believe me
I am not!

At this place, this spot
Where you think I am gone
In heaven’s purest portals
I rejoice again, again & again
With the loudest of songs
With His powerful angels I dance
In pure joy
For just to take one quickest glance
At God’s face

So again, if I were you
I would leave me alone!