The Supernatural
It should be called
The natural
Everything else is the 
Below natural

It is real
Exists side by side
With the physical
It consists of the 

Things, beings, unseen
With physical eyes
Living side by side
With all of us in
Our temporary shells

A Holy God, Father
His Son 
A Holy Spirit
Invisible to our eyes
But not unfelt
Within the walls
Those quivering halls
Of the human heart

Angels, demons, satan
Are real
Do not let your physicality
Be able to steal
Your spiritual abilities 
From you

Follow the light
Do not let satan
That roaring lion 
Devour you
With his violent anger,
Cruelty he will try to
Shower your life

So do not drown
In just the physical
Reach out for God
Let Him astound
With His Beauty, Love
Glory and Power

In this hour of human
Fragility we exist in
Before we depart 
This dirt
Raise your head, exert
Lift your spirit upward
Live in your true destiny
Heaven’s Supernatural Gates!

Beauty Without End!

Beauty Without End

My soul shudders
Of your Beauty, Lord
It cannot comprehend
Of your Glory, Light
Power & Love
There is no end!!

Of your mercy,
Incomprehensible Forgiveness
Of all the dark mess
I have created at times
I do not like to think of those,
Or even bring them to mind
Reign in me, Lord
May I destroy the me within
So your unending Glory
Beauty may live, win
Its eternal way, sway
Over each of 
And all my days!!

Only You

Only You

Only you can lift 
Out of the deepest, slimiest
Pit of despair
The broken human soul
Crushed, shattered,
Reeling, staggering
From the effects
The price, the toll
That wretched darkness extracts

Oh, he is good, that
Enemy of mine
Hounding me thru
All of my time
But you sit enthroned
Ensconced in your power
And your name
Destroying his sordid game

That prince of the air
That satan
Breathing his hot breath
In my face
From birth even unto today
But you remove 
Of his evil every trace

Winning me to yourself
My pain you do embrace
My spirit you lift up 
Until I can say
With joy you have filled my cup!

So come, Lord Jesus,
Do it again
As you did back then!!

My Child is Not My Child

My Child is Not My Child

They look so peaceful,
Serene, innocent
These sleeping children
Of mine
But for this brief period
Of time
Them just to myself 
I cannot truly bind

Inscribed upon their 
Hearts, their very souls
Is an image of another
By my inner voice
This I am clearly told

Coming through our bodies
As mother, father
But not by us created
They have been stamped
With the face, image of another
In one family, all sisters, brothers
With only one True Father

They are God’s children
I have been given the gift
Of taking temporary care
Each day I must give them wings
So they themselves may upward lift
Their tiny bodies & souls
He commands this is my only goal!

So with each prayer 
Said by the moon’s waning light
I must release them 
With a heavy sigh
Upward thru the skies
Into the all-loving hands of 
Our Truest Father’s Power & Might!

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Don’t Blame God!

Don’t Blame God

I fuss, I cuss,
I spit, I hiss
I extend my claws
Without a pause
I’ll let you have it

Then down I shrink
After a moment to think
Why did I do that?
Lost control again
I simply cannot win

Over this lustful, errant 
Of mine
Maybe with more time?

But no
I know
That will never happen
Not in my day
Will I ever have complete sway

Who can I blame
To mind comes the only name,
Myself, me
I am the only one I see 
Standing inside, beside me

So do not blame God for
Our destructive of life behavior
Nor can you blame your neighbor
He has his own evil to deal with

God holds out his light
Love, joy peace
Always within your reach
It is Your Choice
So do not keep
On blaming God
For our compliance, our nod
Toward the darkness

I Cannot Save You

I cannot Save You

Sitting on a throne
Royal blood decided
And even though angels chided
His mind would not be changed

I will go do this
Their eternal bliss
Hangs in the balance
For this they will
Have utterly no talent
I myself will save them!

So do not look to me
I too must stay on bended knee
For my own salvation to receive
On a pedestal do not place a human
I do not wish to draw you toward me.

My, man’s blood, is tainted
And although a human head
May be called sainted
Still man’s blood is impure
For none will escape that tragic allure
Sin still holds for all of us

It took the blood of the purest of all
To cleanse our darkest sins
You must follow His voice & His alone
If You truly desire to win
This battle most ferocious 
we all currently struggle in, 
For Only Christ’s Holy
But bloodied, clean waters
Can remove the blackened stains
Of our, (man’s), horrific sins!