To Gain A Loss!

To Gain a Loss!

Once in a first century
A people lived
Under much evil treachery
Not willing to commit 
Any libel or perjury
They gave their all
To a suffering Savior
To listen to His voice's tender call

‘Come to me all you who are weary
And I will give you rest’
But the question is are you willing
To withstand a broken world’s tests
To carry His name, 
Out loud His sovereignty
To acclaim

Life is not about pleasure alone
But about a God who loves 
From above on a golden throne
Willing to sacrifice everything 
So all of us into His Paradise
He could finally at last bring

So do as those heroes of the past
(today we would surely stand aghast)
They were willing to lose all
They obeyed, listened, answered Christ’s call
Losing jobs, homes, even their own blood
To wear the name proudly of ‘Christian’!

Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple

Plain & simple
Words on a page
Without faith in 
That red blood of Christ
All condemned to
a darkened hell
No great mystery
This is the truth
For any to understand, to tell

From a book of truth
God warns
At times
Even at us storms
Using examples from
The world’s past
Trying to convince us
Before like a stone
We could be thrown
Into that dark hole

Greater forces
Gather gentlest voices
Trying to win, cajole
Our Savior, Christ,
God, our Creator/Father
Holy Spirit urging
From words in His sacred scroll
Loving, to also console
For His greatest goal
Is to win back each soul
Intact, in whole
Back into His Loving Arms!



We hear this word 
Thrown around so much
Almost as if it contains
Some type of 
Golden Midas touch

You must include this
You must include that
Please excuse if I seem remiss
But I do not think inclusion of 
All or just the many was
Ever meant to bring us 
True bliss

Love is not inclusive
Of everything
Even God's perfect love
Is not inclusive of all things
Sometimes our behavior 
With His purity does not harmonize
Or always ring

He wishes to transform us 
Into His Son's image
So upon our behaviors
He must place certain limits
Wishing for us only the best

So remember the next time
Someone insists you be inclusive
With flying colors will you
Pass the great test
Use God's words, His wishes
Deciding what to include or reject!



A great army gathers
A trumpet blast will scatter
All tranquility
At its head, Your Holy Son
No enemy carries the ability
From this One to run

Each warrior is armed, braced
Swords, shields in place
Powerful & determined
Your battle plans, Lord Jesus
In Your book so holy
The words clearly do confirm and
Set forth!

So, beloved, while you
Still have a chance
As around this world, your life
You take a glance
Make sure you make the 
Best choice
For to be on the right side
Of the sword
In your now, you must listen
To Christ’s voice!!
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White rabbits & chocolate bunnies
All those warm, soft fuzzies
Pastel eggs hidden in green grass
Until a happy child makes
A joyful discovery of them at last
With loud, sudden squeals of delight
What a truly pleasing sight!

All dressed up in clean, bright clothes
All done for this day’s special show
Soft ribbons in the hair
New shoes, polished, & on the feet
& goodies that will not long
Be allowed in a basket to keep

Nothing wrong with these simple delights
God does not mind us
Enjoying all his blessings
But with many of these gifts
May also at times come a terrible testing

This day of Easter is really
About a sacrifice
Not to be forgotten
For all our joys & pleasures
Came at the cost of another’s life!

A bloodied cross, a broken body
An empty tomb
God’s love on display
Brought about all of the
Joys & pleasures of this day

Made us once more
Welcome in Heaven
Brought us back into 
God’s loving arms
Safe at last from all of 
satan’s cruelest harms

So on that most glorious day
Our eternal souls were saved
As Christ stepped back out 
Into a world He owned
Eternity’s power rolled back
That oh so heavy stone
So you too will be saved
to step into His glorious garden 
From your own emptied grave!!



Glory shattered on a tree
But only temporarily
Lifted upward into an azure sky
Why oh why does this always
Give me the urge to endlessly cry?

It was perfect love on display
Selflessly giving itself away
And for us fallen creatures
His creation’s men
Did it only so a pain-free home
One day we would be allowed to win

Jesus dying in a horrible agony
Lifting His face to His Father’s Heaven
And seeing into this earth’s future
Thought of only you and me
With that last beat of His Loving Heart
Creating for us a higher, purer destiny!