The Race

The Race

It matters not how 
The race begins
It matters only how
The race will end

From the very start
There will be times
That may truly
Almost stop your heart

But never fear
The Scriptures say
There is for race-winners
A much more glorious

As you step across the 
Finish line
Through death’s portals
Or when God ends for all time
satan, sin, pain, evil’s darkness

The greatest prize you will win
You will be allowed forever to trace
Looking into that Most Beautiful Face
The One who loves you the most
All will be allowed to at last boast
In that cross, that shed blood
Which unleashed into infinity
His Passionate & Incomprehensible


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Something needs to be
If it has 
Fallen asleep or

Lulled into languor
Or is it a stupor
Apathy maybe
It will take more
Time to fully see

In more of the wealthier
There is less bending
Of the knee
Faith in a Christ appears
To be dying

More & more we pursue
Earth’s pleasure 
To receive a momentary bliss
Ah, the sensation
Of an entertainment’s kiss

Driving forces beyond measure
Revealing more & more
Where are our heart’s true treasures
As perhaps pure faith languishes
More & more numbers show
It’s almost vanishing

Is there hope for it to
Be reviving
For this every true believer
Should be sighing
Return to me, I will return to you
Words of God lying 
Available still to be reviewed
In plain black ink on a page 

So let’s begin the work
It will not happen by itself
Holy Spirit let us pray
That once again you will
Rule all our nights & days
Lord Jesus, Holy God
It is only through your power
& your blood that any are ever saved!!



We were created to be
Mirrors of someone 
Greater, Higher, Wiser

Easter gives us our chance
To once more dance
At the foot of His Throne
Held enthralled within the golden glow
Of His Beauty

But all of that dance
Requires for us to return
To that which so many spurn
Obedience, submission
To God’s will

So reach for that opportunity
To once again live in unity
With someone so beautiful
That submission to Him
Only brings about a win
For you of perfection’s glory!

A Fateful Day!

A Fateful Day

on a fateful day
a young man died
as he breathed in, took his last sigh
angels watched from
purest celestial skies
He relinquished
His Spirit
In a pain, deep & burning
At that moment,
the universe stopped turning

to watch & see
what would happen next
what for mankind would be 
their second step
would we take notice
follow in obedience
or just turn our backs
with only a shrug
or a mild grimace

never before in man’s history
had for us been such a day
so blistering
with meaning, intensity 
when God once more 
brought back to earth
His clearest sanity


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White rabbits & chocolate bunnies
All those warm, soft fuzzies
Pastel eggs hidden in green grass
Until a happy child makes
A joyful discovery of them at last
With loud, sudden squeals of delight
What a truly pleasing sight!

All dressed up in clean, bright clothes
All done for this day’s special show
Soft ribbons in the hair
New shoes, polished, & on the feet
& goodies that will not long
Be allowed in a basket to keep

Nothing wrong with these simple delights
God does not mind us
Enjoying all his blessings
But with many of these gifts
May also at times come a terrible testing

This day of Easter is really
About a sacrifice
Not to be forgotten
For all our joys & pleasures
Came at the cost of another’s life!

A bloodied cross, a broken body
An empty tomb
God’s love on display
Brought about all of the
Joys & pleasures of this day

Made us once more
Welcome in Heaven
Brought us back into 
God’s loving arms
Safe at last from all of 
satan’s cruelest harms

So on that most glorious day
Our eternal souls were saved
As Christ stepped back out 
Into a world He owned
Eternity’s power rolled back
That oh so heavy stone
So you too also may
Be allowed to step out of 
Your own emptied grave!!



Heaven is not just
A place
Heaven can only 
Be found
Within a face 
Radiating brighter
Than any brilliant star
Shining from afar
More precious 
Than any glistening stone
Do not place your joy
Or trust in that alone

Wiser than any 
Human sage
He left a throne of glory
To enter a dirty, darkened
Earthly stage

Walked with us
Ate our food
Wore our shoes

So do not let 
Heaven be merely 
Some idyllic place
For you
For it is only found
On holy ground
Standing before
A golden throne
Manifested, seen,
Experienced in
Jesus of Nazareth Alone!!