Brightest Light


Brightest light in 
The middle of my darkest night
Seated on a throne
Whose Spirit always roams
To seek & save the lost

Infinity's power fills
Your every hour
For joy making my heart sing
As angels voices ring
To secure your name

Embed that name
Deep, deep into your heart
For it does impart 
great power in all situations 
It is to be received, reported
Out To all the nations
For their sin's abating
For their re-creating

As all of heaven's mighty armies
Stand waiting for His signal
For His powerful return to earth
To remove forever that most evil stigma 
(satan’s darkness)
From all of His creation
Throughout all man's generations!!



Wearing only human flesh
Inside heavens gates 
I am your guest 
Invited in only thru
The Purest blood
With it You wish only
Each heart to flood

But everyone must
Decide for themselves
If to obey the beckoning call
To reverse our original, horrific fall

To stand outside those shining gates
Left Alone 
In the dark
With a howling beast
Watching those inside
Join in Your royal feast
Ah. . . . Your light's grace, mercy & love!!



To be shaken
Out of a reverie
So to forever be
God can do this
Whenever He
We just have to
Let Him use us

We, His family,
His church,
Have to be willing
To be stirred
To actually see, taste,
Experience Christ's cure
For our lost brokenness
He's forever capable of it
Just be reassured!

So let's take that fresh start
Give Him all of our hearts
So He can re-create, 
Once again Himself impart
To a church, His lost world 
That needs a'stirring!!

satan laughs

satan laughs

satan laughs 
In the face
Of a church asleep
As the world burns 
Around it
So Rise Up
Get on your feet
Jesus demands to
See it

Evil out of control
Openly strolls
In our homes
Our children's schools
So do not let it win
Today we must overrule
Its darkened evil
As we stand to defend
Our Lord's voice

So wake up dear church
Join the battle
For the most innocent lives
On this face of this earth
As Jesus returns to
Re-create, to completely re-birth
His perfected new kingdom!

Action’s Name

Action’s Name

Would we not say 
As it is so much
In the times of our
In such splendid ways
That faith without 
Works is dead
In almost all churches
These holy words are 
Repeatedly said

So we know to take action 
That worship in a building 
Is after all but only a fraction
Of what God calls us to
So in this oh so blessed country
We feed the hungry
House the homeless
Try to create a land of 
Increasing social justice

But on all of our spiritual lists
There is something definitely amiss
One major point we have missed
Courage to stand up
Out loud to say the name of Jesus
Let people know He is the reason
Behind any of our good deeds

To confront evil
Be courageous 
The duty of each & every believer
To call a sin a sin
Only in this way can we 
Ever hope to win 
More souls

So do not fear
To fight alongside
God's angelic forces
(To your life it will bring no remorse)
So after running your life's course
You may hear
From the lips
Of a Savoir so dear
‘Well done My good & faithful servant’!!

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry for what
We did to you
Holy Christ
But still we do it
Somehow in our crazy
Insane rush to sin
We crucify you over &
Over again

We ignore you
Rejecting that inner plea
To adore you
From that ignorant stance
Within only one
Darkened evil glance
We completely deny
You exist
Becoming what
Is called atheist

Oh, Dearest Son of God
When will we banish
For good such thoughts!
One day you've promised
To return
To gather to yourself
Those who've spurned
A devil's temptation 
To deny your royalty
Through their attempts 
To express their loyalty
As back into your arms
And heart eternally
will they all be
Gathered most joyfully!